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Cross-border cooperation in the basin. Dniester

Hazard assessment of the hydrological situation in the Dniester River
cross-sections of stream gauge as 08 h 18.09.2021

  • Hydrological situation is calm, the water levels are within riverbeds
  • Water level reached and exceeded the mark floodplains, there is a risk of flooding floodplain areas, farmland
  • Water level reached and exceeded hazardous mark at which begins the partial inundation (flooding) areas and facilities, possible adverse effects on objects and settlements
  • Water level reached and exceeded the dangerous mark, for which there are massive flooding areas and facilities, possible destruction, disruption of the sectors of life

Storm warning

17/09/2021 11:00
(created UHMC)

Прогноз витрат води, м3/c

створений 18.09.2021
Річка, пост Дата
Бічний приплив до Дністровського вдсх. 25
Дністер, Галич 150
19.09 20.09
Дністер, Заліщики 110 140